Your car is full of germs and odors. When was the last time you sanitized your car? Few people do, but Germproofers can take care of that.

Get Rid of Germs in Your Car or Automobile

Cars are where we spend a lot of our time. We go to work, transport our children, eat on the road, use outside air for heating and air conditioning. But when do we clean our cars with antimicrobial wipes? Very rarely. We introduce bacteria, viruses, odors and more just by using our vehicles.

Serving Raleigh, Durham and all North Carolina

Germproofers can help with these potential problems. The interior of your car can use a Germproofers coating to continually kill germs and odors. You can help create a more sanitary environment for yourself and the people you are transporting.

It’s safe and non-toxic

Not only will our safe, non-toxic coating help your interior, but it will be used on your windows where it will help clear away rain, like rain-x. It works even better and lasts longer!

Eliminate and Prevent Odors

Odors are a huge culprit in cars. Germproofers will help eliminate these odors and prevent them from coming back. Food, Pets, Dirt, and even your air conditioner are common culprits. Let’s give your car that fresh scent that you remember.